The Hubbardston Center School (HCS) serves approximately 310 students in grades Pre-K through five from Hubbardston and surrounding central Massachusetts communities (students from Gardner, Fitchburg, Templeton, and other local communities attend Hubbardston Center School through our School Choice option). The faculty and staff of Hubbardston Center School are a mix of veteran and new teachers, highly skilled intervention tutors and paraprofessionals, and of course our much loved “ Mr. Matt” from facilities and grounds.

Our curriculum is rooted in the Massachusetts Common Core Standards, and supports all learners to meet rigorous learning goals. All students have access to literacy and math intervention groups (RtI), social support through our guidance counselor, and special education support with highly skilled educators. Students spend their days involved in academic and social emotional learning, as well as learning through music instruction, visual arts, physical education and STEM.

Students enjoy recess in our beautiful field, playground, or at our basketball court. At HCS, our school-wide values of safe, respectful, responsible, and kind behavior are consistently displayed while students and staff fill our classrooms, hallways, gathering places, and outdoor areas, ensuring that all who enter our doors feel supported and eager to return!

HCS also has an outdoor student-grown & managed vegetable and flower garden! Each grade level manages a large wooden raised bed, and local farmers and parents help manage and maintain this space. We also enjoy an airy, open cafeteria, and window-filled classrooms that allow for lots of natural light and fresh air. Assemblies and family/town functions are held in our beautiful gymnasium, and our library is now our music and band center since the incorporation of classroom libraries. Each K-5 student at Hubbardston Center school has their own lap-top (Chromebook) assigned to them, and they access these for literacy, math, science, reading, and enrichment activities on a daily basis.

Who We Are

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Janice Rotti
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School Nurse
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Guidance Counselor
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